How to Store Radishes Long Term

Radishes are quick to grow and make a great addition to lots of dishes. These little red gems are such a versatile and delicious food item that I think everyone should keep a batch on hand at all times.

When stored properly, they can last for a good while and can be used in many different ways. You can pickle them for some sharpness and zing, roast them in the oven with some garlic and olive oil or thinly slice them to decorate and add texture to your salads.

No matter how you use them in your dishes, you can’t go wrong with them when they’re fresh and snappy. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for them to go limp and lose their delightful crunch.

Since they are a root vegetable, they start degrading from the moment they’re plucked from the soil. Not only does nobody like a floppy slice of radish that has gone bad, it can also potentially cause sickness.

The good news is you can prevent this from happening! By knowing how to properly store radishes, you can extend their shelf life and keep them at top quality.

Read on to learn the all about the best ways to store radishes long term.

How Long Do Radishes Last?

The freshness and crispness of a radish can fade away in the blink of an eye. Often you might not even notice until you need to use them in a recipe.

One day they are beautifully peppery and crunchy and the next day they are soft and tasteless.

Additionally, their many health benefits and nutrients may degrade over time.

It’s important to consume them at their freshest, because you will be getting the benefit of all the nutrients they contain. They’re jam-packed with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin C, fiber, potassium, folate, magnesium and zinc.

Luckily, they keep pretty well if you store them in the right way which can differ a lot depending on the method you are using.

If you’re after a handy comparison of how long radishes last in various conditions, I’ve prepared this table just for you:

Storage MethodHow Long Radishes Lasts
Room TemperatureUp to 4 days
Fridge10-14 days
FreezerUp to 6 months
BasementUp to 3 months

As you can see, there are several methods you can follow to store radishes long term and prolong their shelf life. Keep on reading if you want to learn how to store them correctly and for how long they will keep well.

Storing Radishes at Room Temperature

If you don’t have enough space in your fridge or you are planning to use that space for something else, you can always store your radishes at room temperature. Shocking, right?

They are one of the few vegetables that keep well at room temperature for a long time. This is because they like moisture and dank places, unlike most vegetables.

All it takes is just a little bit of water and a container such as a large bowl or tray. This is usually called hydro-cooling.

For this method, you should keep your radishes as they are, with their dirt and stems and everything.

  • Place your radishes into a large container in a way that the bulbs are inside the container and their stems and leaves are out.
  • Pour in fresh, cold water enough to submerge all the bulbs, but leave the stems and leaves out of the water.
  • Keep an eye on the stems and leaves of your radishes and change their water every day. If their leaves and stems go limp, then this is a good indicator that your radishes started to go bad. You should consume them right away.

How Long Do Fresh Radishes Last at Room Temperature?

Providing you follow the above steps, they will be crisp and firm for 2 to 4 days at room temperature.

Storing Radishes in the Fridge

You can always use your trusty fridge to keep your radishes as fresh as the day they were plucked from the soil.

If you followed the method above but still don’t plan on using your radishes in a few days, you can store the submerged radishes in the fridge, and they will last for up to 10 days. This isn’t the best way to store radishes long term but is great if you’re planning to use them within a couple of weeks.

However, keeping a large container in your fridge can take up a lot of space. So, if you want to store your radishes in your fridge, you should trim them down and opt for a smaller container such as a mason jar or any kind of jar with a tight seal.

  • First of all, thoroughly wash and clean your radishes.
  • Cut both ends – the stem and the root – of your radishes.
  • Place your trimmed radishes into the jar and fill with cold water to keep the bulbs submerged.
  • Tightly seal the lid of your jar, make sure it is leakproof and transfer to your fridge.

Also, if you don’t have a jar or don’t want to use one, you can always use a plastic bag to store your radishes in the fridge.

  • Cut both ends of your radishes, the stem and the root. 
  • Slightly wet a few paper towels until they are moist and line the plastic bag with them.
  • Transfer your radishes into the plastic bag – don’t wash them at this point – in a way that they will be covered by the paper towels on both ends and transfer them to your fridge.

How Long Do Radishes Last in the Fridge?

If you did everything right, they should keep their firmness and quality for 10 to 14 days in the fridge.

How to Store Radishes Long Term in the Freezer

If you plan on using your radishes much later or you have cut your radishes but didn’t use all of them, you can freeze them as a last resort.

You can keep them in your freezer for a very long time, but you will be sacrificing a lot of texture and flavor, and overall quality.

They can still be great though.

Simply cook them in a dish instead of eating them raw on a salad, because they won’t be crisp anymore.

The method for freezing cut radishes is pretty straightforward but has some important steps that you shouldn’t skip.

  • Cut both ends of your radishes, the stem, the root and all.
  • Thoroughly clean and wash them to get rid of any impurities and dirt.
  • Cut the bulbs into four quarters or two halves, depending on their size. Be sure not to keep them whole as their skin will certainly crack due to their high water content and cause them to degrade in quality even more.
  • Bring a large pot of water to boil and boil your radishes for 2 to 3 minutes depending on their size.
  • Meanwhile, prepare a large bowl of ice water. Transfer your boiled radishes into the ice water to shock them and stop the cooking process. This is called blanching; it allows you to preserve some texture and quality as well as their bright red color in the freezer.
  • Once they are cooled, drain and pat them dry with a paper towel.
  • Transfer them into a sealable freezer bag and freeze them.

How Long Do Radishes Last in the Freezer?

They can last up to 6 months in your freezer if you prepared them correctly using the instructions I have written above.

How to Store Radishes Long Term in the Basement

You can store your radishes in your basement or cellar if you have one.

In fact, this is the best method among everything I have mentioned above.

This way, you preserve the most freshness and quality for the longest time, and as a bonus, you will be brightening up your dusty old basement!

It takes just a little bit of work in the beginning, but it’s worth it. After you set everything up correctly, the rest is smooth sailing.

You just pluck one from their box when you want to use one and the rest will still keep fresh and crisp for a good while until you need to use them again. This way, you will always have a constant supply of radishes until you run out of them.

Though, you should keep in mind that you should always keep your basement free from any sunlight and heat sources.

  • Fill an old cardboard box with sandy soil.
  • Dampen the soil by spraying some water, but do not drench the soil with excess water, it shouldn’t clump up.
  • Plant your radishes into your makeshift planter box filled with soil, making sure to leave some space between them so their stems and leaves are not close together. This can lead to earlier rotting. Also, you don’t need to wash your radishes at this point.
  • Once a week, check them for any signs of rotting or mold and check the soil to see if it has dried up. If it did, spray it with water again to dampen it.
  • At this point, your radishes are ready to use. When you want to dress up a salad or use them in a dish, just pluck as many as you want to use and the rest will be readily waiting for you for the next round.

How Long Do Radishes Last in the Basement?

If you have done everything correctly, they should be as fresh as the day you have bought or harvested them for up to 3 months.