Can Stuffed Mushrooms be Frozen?

In recent years, stuffed mushrooms have become known as the perfect appetizer for parties. Believe it or not, they actually date back to the late 1800s or the early 1900s. Small wonder considering how delicious they are!

No matter how long they’ve been around, they’re a delicious and mostly healthy appetizer, and have earned their status as many people’s favorite. Though they require a decent amount of prep work and time, the pros weigh out the cons, in my opinion.

Now, since they’re delicious, you’re likely to make a lot of them. And since they can be a little time consuming, you may want an efficient way to prep and store them in advance.

Whether you’ve made too many to eat right away, or want to stock up in advance, you’re likely wondering ‘can stuffed mushrooms be frozen’?

If that is your question, let me put your mind at ease. Yes, they can!

Can Stuffed Mushrooms be Frozen?

Yes! Stuffed mushrooms can definitely be frozen.

You can freeze your stuffed mushrooms the same day you make them, and you’ll have a batch ready to go whenever you want or need them.

This is a great and quick way to jazz up your dinner table and impress your guests, even if they stop by unexpectedly!

Keep in mind, however, that whether you freeze them before or after cooking makes a huge difference.

Let’s take a quick look at the differences to consider when freezing cooked and uncooked stuffed mushrooms.


If you have leftover stuffed mushrooms, you can freeze them in order to avoid wasting them.

You should be aware that cooked mushrooms will degrade in quality much faster in the freezer and might not be as firm as they were. This is because both the cooking and thawing processes causes them to lose their texture and get soggy.

With that said, they will still taste delicious! Whether you enjoy cooked stuffed mushrooms after freezing and defrosting is a matter of personal preference. It’s always better to not throw away any perfectly edible food if we can avoid it, so give them a try!


If you have the time to plan ahead, you should always freeze your stuffed mushrooms uncooked, ideally on the same day you prepare them.

This way, they will retain most of their moisture and thus, their firm and pleasant texture as well as their freshness. When they’re defrosted and cooked, they won’t be as soggy and dried out as mushrooms that have already been cooked. This is because rather than being reheated, they are cooked for the first time.

How to Prepare Stuffed Mushrooms for Freezing

It’s a huge convenience to have these earthy flavor bombs always ready to cook at any time you want!

As I mentioned above, you’ll need to prepare them and immediately freeze them uncooked for the best quality.

For preparation, cut the mushroom stems and thoroughly clean the mushroom caps. It is best to clean them using a wet towel rather than washing or soaking them because otherwise they will absorb too much water and get very soggy.

Also, you shouldn’t throw the stems away. You can utilize them in your filling or in another recipe such as a vegetable stock.

Next, scoop out the interior of the mushroom caps with a spoon to make space for your filling.

Then prepare your filling according to a recipe of your choice, and stuff your mushroom caps with your filling.

Immediately transfer them to the freezer to keep them as fresh and firm as possible.

Storing Stuffed Mushrooms in the Freezer

Whether you have leftover mushrooms from dinner or prepared a new batch according to the instructions above, you might be wondering how you should store them to maintain the best quality.

You don’t need to worry, the method for storing stuffed mushrooms in the freezer is pretty easy and straightforward, though they take some space. But the space they take is definitely worth having these tasty delicacies readily available at all times!

To store them in the freezer, line a sheet pan with parchment paper to prevent the mushrooms from sticking to the pan.

Arrange the stuffed mushrooms on the lined sheet pan, making sure to leave at least an inch between them so that they won’t stick to each other and that their stuffed side is facing up.

Transfer the pan with your mushrooms to the freezer and allow it to freeze for about 2 to 3 hours or until they are solid. After this, take them out and transfer them into a freezer bag.

You shouldn’t pile them up, but rather keep them in a single layer. If you need, you can add more layers of stuffed mushrooms but make sure to place a parchment paper between each layer to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Also, make sure to get as much air out as possible before sealing the bag. Once in the freezer, they’ll keep for up to 3 months at best quality.

There you go! A nice batch of delicious stuffed mushrooms readily available to cook whenever you want.

How to Cook Frozen Stuffed Mushrooms

Interestingly, it’s better to cook frozen stuffed mushrooms when they are frozen instead of thawed.

This may seem a little counterintuitive but this way, they thaw and cook at the same time, and retain more of their moisture and texture.

If you’ve got time and want to get the best results, you should bake them in a preheated oven according to the instructions in your recipe.

If, for some reason, you want to thaw the frozen stuffed mushrooms prior to cooking, this is also an option.

But keep in mind that they won’t be as crisp and firm as the other method, and will be much soggier and less pleasant.

Still, in my opinion, anything is better than not having stuffed mushrooms at all!

So, whichever way works for you, cook your stuffed mushrooms according to your recipe and enjoy!